Tuition covers:

Lunch – nutritious, all-you-can-eat, made from scratch

School supply package supporting de Paul’s organizational method

All textbooks

Instructional software and technology

Supplies for our Visual and Performing Arts program

Teacher and students in a classroom
Please contact the school for more information regarding Tuition and Tuition assistance

Tuition & Assistance

The de Paul School is deeply committed to providing an invaluable educational experience that is specifically designed for students with language-based learning differences. We recognize this requires that families make a significant commitment for each child’s future. The de Paul School desires to work with families through our Flexible Tuition Model to make this unique experience accessible and affordable for all who qualify.

For the 2024-2025 School Year, the maximum tuition paid will be $21,999. Families may apply for one of many reduced tuition levels in our Flexible Tuition Model.

Our Flexible Tuition Model is designed to tailor a tuition that matches your family’s demonstrated need. Our model is based on families paying tuition that is 10%-15% of their (household combined) Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) per child. The AGI can be found on Line 11 of the year’s federal tax returns. Please note self-employment and non-W-2 income may cause a variation in this estimate. We also encourage you to use the Flexible Tuition Calculator below to estimate a tuition amount for your family.

Tuition Calculator

Enter your family’s adjusted gross income (Line 11 on the federal tax return) to calculate your estimated tuition rate.

Please contact for tuition questions.

Your Results:

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*Please note, the calculator provides an estimate only. FACTS verifies all applications and tuition decisions are made weekly. Final reduced tuition levels are sent in tuition notification letters through the business office and admissions. It is required that families reapply each year.

*To qualify for The de Paul School’s flexible tuition, families must apply through a standard process using FACTS Grant & Aid. Please be aware that many factors determine a family’s tuition level, including the availably of funds and enrollment. Additional factors are considered by FACTS including, but not limited to, family size, children attending tuition-based schools, and assets and liabilities not reflected in household income.

Tuition and Tuition Assistance

Low-interest Loans

  • Low-interest student loans through lenders like Your Tuition Solution may be another option for your family