The de Paul School Difference

Unique. Individualized. Customized. Proven. Those are words that best describe our approach to teaching and learning at The de Paul School. Our team of expert educators understands that each child learns, comprehends and excels differently. So we teach differently. The de Paul School provides what most schools simply cannot: an environment that is unique in our approach, individualized in our methods, customized to each student, and proven to promote success!

Maybe you’ve witnessed frustration in your child’s eyes while they struggled to understand a math problem. Maybe you’ve experienced teaching which represents a blanket approach to instruction. Or, maybe you have dreamed of a classroom, which is designed with your child’s strengths and challenges in mind! Welcome to The de Paul School, where we ensure the success of each student every day.

In Our Parents' Words

When asked to write words that describe their and their child's situation prior to attending The de Paul School...


Instructional Pillars of Success



Instruction at The de Paul School is visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic. Hand-On and multimodal instruction help to concretize the symbols, expressions, processes, and abstract concepts that have previously vexed our students.  Incorporating all of the senses creates a learning experience that resonates long after class has ended. It’s teaching that makes a true difference.



A key part to creating the ideal learning environment is capturing and holding each student's attention. This is particularly important when working with distractible students. Teaching to engaged students optimizes the learning experience and retention of new material. Expertly trained teachers partner with superlative curriculum to produce a balance of information exchange with appropriate learning windows. Our faculty also teaches students strategies to maintain personal focus on tasks and to self regulate.



We know that practice, both in class and through after school assignments, helps students to not only know their content, but to own it. Classes with more multisensory activity help keep this practice for mastery engaging. With practice, students develop confidence and a foundation for more complex work in each subject area.  Students not only practice key academic skills, but practice the study and organizational skills which they can apply independently for years to come.



Structure provides organization, reliability, and calmness throughout The de Paul School and especially in every classroom.  Students with learning differences are typically challenged to organize their time, space, and resources so a carefully-crafted schedule is imperative. From 8:30 to 3:20, the school day is supremely purposeful and efficient…one class period at a time.  Lessons are brilliantly designed, from introduction of a new concept to assessment of newly-taught skills. Our structured school day ensures optimal time on task, which appeals to our students and our teachers.