The de Paul School – An Independent School

The de Paul School is one of nearly 230 accredited members within the Independent Schools Association of the Central States.  Each school is wonderfully different in mission, philosophy, student body, instructional program, and culture. The de Paul School is one of approximately 30 ISACS schools who serve bright students with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning differences.

Our 50th Anniversary Year is also our accreditation year.  Teachers, Staff, and Trustees have spent the past year auditing about 35 different elements of our school, including each course we teach; student activities; safety and security; our alumni body; and, so much more.  All of the reports will be published as one Self Study booklet which ISACS accreditors will review as they visit campus for a week in March, 2020.

So, people often ask – Why does The de Paul School choose to be an independent school?  Here is some information which readers may find interesting and helpful.

  • Independent schools are charged with determining their own mission… free from the influence of government and state standards.  The de Paul School mission of teaching our students how to learn, how to become independent, and how to succeed is our driver in ALL that we think and ALL that we do.
  • With our mission at the forefront, an independent school like de Paul can craft curriculum and a daily course of study that is exactly what our students need.  We are not bound to instructional resources or mandates which, frankly, are not aligned with our way of teaching and learning.
  • Like all independent schools, The de Paul School crafts a particular culture or “feel” which is ideal for our students.  We know that our students excel in a learning environment which is highly organized, calm, engaging, and purposeful.  We have complete liberty to develop and present that type of setting every single day…and, we do!
  • Independent schools are entirely accountable for their student outcomes.  The de Paul School is celebrating 50 years as a vibrant school because we have helped students realize astounding successes… achieving at levels that may have seemed impossible when they first enrolled.  Our achievement test scores, our students’ post-de Paul successes in high school, community service hours, and many more metrics testify to the life-changing impact of a de Paul School education.
  • The de Paul School is financially independent, receiving no state or tax dollars.  We are fueled by tuition, gifts, and grants.  Tuition pays for our teachers’ salaries and daily operating expenses.  Grants and donations help us provide tuition assistance to our families, renovate classrooms when needed, and bridge the gap between “tuition” and “actual cost.”