While many schools are cutting funding to special programming, The de Paul School recognizes the importance of these programs in developing the whole child and nurturing multiple intelligences.

Arts & Humanities

Art, drama, and music express those things that are often inexpressible in words...we believe they are a vital way we process and reflect on the world around us. At The de Paul School, Arts & Humanities is a multisensory experience that teaches students these tools of expression in the fields of Art, Music, and Performing Arts.

Arts & Humanities provide us another opportunity to build on our students' strengths, encourage multiple intelligences, and challenge and balance their perceived shortcomings to begin developing new knowledge and talent in these areas.

Physical Education

Our students have energy to burn! Physical Education is a fantastic opportunity for our students to release energy in a positive and healthy way, providing an outlet for our students that classroom activity alone cannot. We believe it can help unlock confidence, even in those students who do not consider themselves "athletic." Our PE curriculum is fresh, engaging and full of creative, kinetic, but structured, activity that relieves stress and builds confidence as students set and achieve personal fitness goals. It covers a wide range of activities that encourage fitness, problem solving, creativity, and cooperative play, all while keeping students engaged and active. The de Paul School students love their physical education time!


Our Robotics Porgram offers students a hands-on way to apply their knowledge of Math and Science concepts while honing their problem solving skills. Assigned with a task, students design, build, and program their robots to perform the task successfully. Along the way, cooperation and the sharing of ideas is critical to the process. At de Paul, we produce 21st century learners and thinkers!


The de Paul School's technology vision includes three key statements which guide students and teachers:

  1. Technology use must be infused within our instructional practices as a means of attaining our mission.
  2. We must teach students how to utilize technology, how to protect themselves from its hazards, how to evaluate the validity of the information they find, and how to conduct themselves within digital communities.
  3. We must teach balance - while multitasking and networking are becoming dominant modes of behavior in our society, we teach students to recognize when other approaches to learning or leisure are better.

*The de Paul School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual identity or orientation, national origin, or disability in the administration of its policies, procedures, and programs.

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