Kindergarten Corner

Early Intervention Meets Preparatory Excellence

Students with learning differences often experience their first learning difficulties before first grade. Problems in learning letters, sounds, number concepts, or in completing work can be signs that a bright student requires a different type of teaching­ - one that matches his/her unique learning needs. If these early signs are not detected, the child's troubles can compound each year, leading to frustration, low self-esteem, and lost progress.

The de Paul School Kindergarten offers an early intervention and preparatory program for young students in reading, language, and math, providing a solid foundation for elementary school success.

Our Kindergarten program focuses on providing a solid foundation for elementary success.

Drawing from current best practices and The de Paul School's proven tradition of preparing students to excel in their learning, students enrolled in de Paul's Kindergarten benefit from a program that:

Establishes foundations in key academic areas, including Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies

Promotes the development of personal, social, organizational, and self-management skills in a supportive and enriching environment

Provides an age-appropriate experience grounded in de Paul's Instructional Pillars of Success

Provides a calm yet stimulating classroom environment with an exceptionally small student-to-teacher ratio