Our Faculty and Staff

Every child learns differently, and at The de Paul School, we teach for that. Our mission is simple, yet powerful:

We teach students with learning differences how to learn, become independent, and be successful.

We're a collaborative who believe that there's no other way to dignify children more than to help them understand what they are truly capable of. We want each child to know and believe they are capable of academic and life success - as long as they work hard, set goals and aspire to reach them. We give our students the tools and strategies to achieve all they aspire to do.


The following beliefs are the foundation of all that we do:


We believe that learning is living.

We believe in the individuality and dignity of our students.

We believe in the incredible potential of our students.

We believe our role as educators is to empower our students.

We believe that our students need an educational program with specific features in order to reach their potential.

We believe in the duty and demand of our profession.

We believe the support of family is crucial to education.

We believe that each person has the responsibility to build and better our community.

Like the students in our school, huskies are intelligent and eager. They love to play, work well in teams, and enjoy companionship. Huskies are reliable and their friends can count on unsurpassed loyalty. They are known for their endurance and perseverance in harsh conditions that might tempt others to quit. It has even been reported that huskies are easily bored if activities are not sufficiently challenging or engaging.

We are proud to be the huskies! We impress in the classroom, in athletic competition, and as compassionate citizens within the larger community.

Dr. Laurie Bottiger

Head of School

I am a Husky because like the qualities of incredible canine, I see our children as wonderfully intelligent and capable and personally have the personality drive to get each and every child just what they need!

Lisa Stepp


I am a Husky because I found a place where I can truly make a difference for students with learning differences. At this school, I am able to lead teachers in developing classrooms in which students can reclaim their confidence and self-esteem. I have the opportunity to help foster partnerships between families and the school so that the child truly benefits.

Dr. Tytianna Ringstaff

Founding Executive Director of
Kemper Academy

I am a proud Husky because I believe in our scholars' abilities, strengths, greatness, and excellence. As an advocate for an equitable, healing, and transformative education for all children, I am invested in building and sustaining a bridge linking The de Paul School and Kemper Academy to our greater community.

Phil Howell


I am a Husky because I choose the community of de Paul: its students, families, teachers and staff. There is a bond between us all which is built on respect and teamwork. We truly enjoy each other, while challenging and supporting one another. We are energized by our work, because it focuses us on what's important: helping our students to recognize their worth, their intelligence, and their outstanding potential.

Christine Lockhart

Reception & Student Billing Administrator

I'm a Husky because I wanted to be part of a team that was devoted to their purpose and was striving to be a blessing to others. I absolutely have found this at de Paul!

Carlos Mason Wehby

Administrative Assistant

I'm a Husky because I believe education to be invaluable, and there's no one at de Paul whom I can't trust.

Lisa Cobb

Chief Development Officer

I am a Husky because I believe every child should have the tools they need to be successful in school. The students at de Paul are very bright and are motivated to learn. They are fortunate to have teachers who are passionate about helping students realize their full potential. The school environment is uplifting and full of energy. I want the whole community to know about de Paul and that it is changing lives everyday.

Lilly Caudill

Development Coordinator

I am a Husky because of our community's dedication to empowering students to realize their strengths. I felt this positive energy and focus from the very first day I stepped onto campus, and it fuels my work each day!


Erin Whicker

Admissions Director

For 20 years, I worked side-by-side with students and parents as a de Paul classroom teacher. The difference de Paul teachers make in the lives of students and families is powerful. I continue to be a Husky as Admissions Director because I strive to share that life-changing difference with as many new families as possible.

Leslie Johnson

Human Resources & Accounts Payable Administrator

I'm a Husky because years ago I learned de Paul is unwavering in the positive attention they give each student. As a mother, I observed that the staff showed they are focused on the students and always have their best interest in mind. Who wouldn't want to be part of this wonderful school?

Steve Harris

Chief Financial Officer

I'm a Husky because I have an innate desire to be a part of an organization that gives back and serves the needs of others. What a special opportunity it is to be able to do this and watch children grow into successful and compassionate students.

Tom Fanning

Director of Buildings & Grounds

A Husky is: one who is dedicated to preparing others for all opportunities that may lie ahead. A Husky builds a foundation (confidence and character) within a person to be more successful, as those opportunities present themselves in an ever-changing world.

Ralph Farsetti

Buildings & Grounds

I am a proud Husky.

Rose Clark

Buildings & Grounds

I am a proud Husky.

Panagiotis Stathopoulos


In classical Greece, the comic playwright Epicharmus wrote a line about reciprocity, “one hand washes the other.” In later years, the saying was expanded to, “one hand washes the other and both wash the face.” In other words, cooperation leads to accomplishment. As a proud Husky, I appreciate the ways in which all members of our community - students, faculty and administration - work individually to support one another and collectively accomplish our common goals.


Staci Leamy

Assistant Librarian

Being a parent of a former de Paul student, I've witnessed on a personal level the difference a de Paul School education can make. I am fortunate enough to be part of a community that has enabled my son to be so successful. I strive to do the same for every student at de Paul, and that's why I am a Husky!

Tammy French

Kindergarten Teacher

I choose to be a Husky. I believe in our students and the differences we make with them and their families. I could have left many years ago, but truly feel that I was called to be a teacher here at de Paul. I know I am valued and appreciated, and the students inspire me to be my best so I can help them to be their best.

Karen Hodge

Team 1 Teacher

I am a Husky because I firmly believe that every challenge in our life is truly a gift. My role is to teach each child how to find and use tools to change the challenges of learning into gifts. Each student walking the halls of The de Paul School will grow into adults that impact our world and our communities for the betterment using the gifts that are strengthened and enhanced during their time at The de Paul School.

Scott Nicely

Team 2 Teacher

I am a Husky because of the culture and learning environment de Paul provides for our students. We are on an educational journey where the paths may differ but the destination is the same: Helping our students become successful independent learners.


Sue Gray

Team 2 Teacher

I am a Husky because there are many things that I enjoy about teaching at de Paul. One of the best things about teaching is learning. I love it when my students comprehend, understand, or grasp something that they did not before, and that I had a part in making that happen. I like the fact that I also learn. Structure at de Paul offers stability without being rigid so that it's stagnant.

Jane Nuckols

Team 3 Teacher

I am a Husky because de Paul gives me the chance to nurture, guide, empower and strengthen our students. Our students not only learn what success feels like but also that success comes in many forms, through many strategies, and to those who believe. As huskies, we believe!


Kathryn Mehlbauer

Team 4 Teacher

I chose de Paul because I have firsthand experience of the difference de Paul can make in the life of a student struggling in the classroom. I believe my students have the abilities to succeed in the classroom and beyond. I am honored to have the opportunity to give back to the community that has given more than just an excellent education!

Elizabeth Furlong

Team 4 Teacher

I am a Husky because every child deserves to feel their own success. I am proud of my teaching style which emphasizes differentiated learning. De Paul will help me shine by implementing my 13 years of classroom experience to help every kind of learner.


Kayla Hall

Team 5 Teacher

I am a Husky because I was a Husky and I know firsthand the difference the de Paul school can make in a student’s life. I believe that every student has what he or she needs in order to succeed but de Paul helps them reach their potential in a way that is unique to that student. I am honored that I have been given a chance to give back to a school that was way more than an academic education to me.


Laura Archibald

Team 5 Teacher

I've chosen to be a Husky because of the vision and mission to recognize and teach to individual learning styles and differences. It is an honor to serve our students alongside such a knowledgeable, collaborative, and dedicated group of professionals.


Denise Jett

Team 6 Teacher

I'm a Husky because de Paul not only saves students and their families, it also saves teachers. All the dissatisfaction I experienced elsewhere doesn't exist at de Paul. The classes are smaller; I know every day that I make a difference for my students because I really know them and their needs. I'm supported by my fellow teachers, administration, and parents. "The de Paul Difference" happens each day because each member of our community is truly a family member, and each person is deeply committed to the other. Working at de Paul is like working with my family.


Jennifer McGaha

Team 6 Teacher

I’ve chosen to be a Husky because of their unique approach to educating students with different learning styles. The mission to help make these students successful is something I look forward to every day. It is inspiring to know that we are making a lasting impact on these students’ lives.

Erin Lowry

Team 6 Teacher

I am a Husky because I enjoy helping students find their love of learning. I am proud to be a part of the de Paul family. My goal is to help students reach their fullest potential every day.

Sandra Boeschel

Team 7 Teacher

I've been a proud Husky for many years. I enjoy the privilege of coming to school each day and spending time with my students. I like their spirit, their creativity, and their willingness to learn. That's why I am Husky.

Kevin Sparks

Team 7 Teacher

Huskies are a breed known for their tenacious spirit. They accomplish tasks with determination despite the elements and whatever physical and mental obstacles are in their way. I see this same determination in the students I teach. I'm humbled to teach such resilient learners and proud to call myself a de Paul Husky.

Mary Balthaser

Team 7/8 Teacher

I'm a Husky because I believe in my students' ability to succeed inside and outside of the classroom. I also enjoy finding new and exciting ways to incorporate technology into my lessons.

Jodi Hocklander

Team 7/8 Teacher

I'm a Husky because I enjoy working with bright, intelligent students who thrive in this environment. I also enjoy working with other faculty members who challenge me to continue to grow as a teacher. I have found more support from faculty, administrators, and families at de Paul than the previous schools where I taught.

Laura Shea

Team 8 Teacher

I'm a Husky because I enjoy the students I work with and because I like the challenge of teaching at a private independent school. I enjoy teaching at a school in which everyone is working to achieve a common goal--helping students learn what success feels like.

Jesse Barfield

Fine Arts

I am a Husky because I can teach what success feels like to every student. I believe the Fine Arts community-building properties and the supportive framework of The de Paul School go hand in hand. I am beyond grateful to be working alongside fantastic Teachers, Administration, and Staff.


Brandon Wilson

Physical Education Instructor

I'm a Husky because I believe in our school's mission to help students become independent and successful. I truly value my opportunity to unlock the confidence and character of each and every student through athletics. The importance of lifetime physical fitness can never be underestimated and never will, as long as I'm a Husky!


I'm de Paul's Official Mascot!


2021-2022 Board of Trustees

As the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) states, “The board is the guardian of the school’s mission." Our Board of Trustees ensures that The de Paul School's mission is relevant and vital to the community we serve. The work of the Board of Trustees is to strengthen the day-to-day successes of our students, teachers, and programs, set policy, and focus on the long-range and strategic plan for the school. In addition, the Board fosters accountability for the financial health of the school and is responsible for the selection and support of the Head of School. Trustees gather six to seven times a year with committee work between each meeting. Our de Paul Board is an incredibly active, dedicated, and personally invested trusteeship - we are grateful to the following 2021-2022 trustees for their service:

Dr. Timothy Brown, Ms. Angela Chumbley, Mr. Paul Chumbley, Ms. Erin Clark, Mr. Sam Clemmens, Mr. Chris Doyle, Joe Fowler, M.D., Mr. Jay Klempner, Mr. Dave McCalpin, Ms. Natasha Montgomery, Ms. Audra D. Williams, Mr. John Willmoth, and Ms. Deanna Wise.

For any questions about or for The de Paul School Board, please contact de Paul Information.

*The de Paul School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual identity or orientation, national origin, or disability in the administration of its policies, procedures, and programs.