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Unique. Individualized. Customized. Proven. Those are words that best describe our approach to learning at the de Paul School. Our team of experienced educators understands that no matter the academic ability of a student, each child learns, comprehends and excels differently. What the de Paul School provides that most schools cannot, is an environment that is unique in our approach, individualized in our method, customized to your student and proven to be successful.

At the de Paul School, we are who are being encouraged to strive for academic success every day in the classroom. Maybe you’ve witnessed frustration in your child’s eyes while they struggle to understand a math problem. Maybe you’ve experienced teachers who use a blanket approach to teaching. Or, maybe you just want something more customized to your student’s ability to ensure their success. Welcome to the de Paul School where we ensure the success of each of our students.

"She is so happy here. She is doing so well, it's astounding. I tell everyone I'm going to the best place for her. Every child is different, but it's great for every kid that is here."

"As a family, we are much happier…things are just calmer in our house and we're able to understand her issues and how to deal with her and work with her."

"Katie loves school now. She loves the teachers! If she wakes up in the morning and feels a little putrid, I'll feel her forehead, and she's like, I'm not sick!"

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In Our Parents' Words

When asked to write words that describe their and their child's situation prior to attending The de Paul School...