The de Paul School Remote Instruction Program

With the closing of The de Paul School's campus due to coronavirus concerns, The de Paul School rolled out a comprehensive and specially-crafted remote instructional program for the Spring 2020 Semester. The program included synchronous sessions led by our faculty, with students engaged multisensorily in a new teaching and learning landscape. Over 95% of our students attended/participated each day -- an attendance that rivals any “normal” school day.

Each remote learning day begins with videotaped morning announcements led by the Dean. Students can see their school administrators, librarians and special areas teachers in their classrooms or on after class webpages as they normally would.  The Principal and Dean schedule regular observations to assist teachers and students.  A Dean’s Office and Principal’s Visit are also utilized when students need additional support with behavior, attitudes of success or instruction as we typically would.

Structure and purposeful practice have been adapted for remote instruction.  Teachers have identified ways to continue explicit instruction in a multisensorial Students have de Paul-approved classroom tools at home which allow for multisensory teaching, learning, and practice.  Educational Staff and Faculty prioritize vigorous student participation and engagement (i.e., attention).

Faculty and Educational Staff have developed individualized schedules for each team.  The schedules address developmental needs and provide flexibility to address fluctuations in stamina and emotional balance of students.  The schedule features our de Paul course of study: de Paul Structured Literacy, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Success.  Students and families log into web pages designed by our PE and Arts and Humanities Instructors.  Librarians facilitate students’ remote library visits to enjoy book readings and author discussions. We estimate that each student enjoys 3 to 4 hours of synchronous instruction daily.

The de Paul School is technology-rich. Each student who needs technology has been provided a laptop or chrome books by the school so that they can participate in continued teaching and learning. The Tech Team works 1:1 with families to assist with any IT issues, with quick resolution to any reported problems.

Each teacher has 90 minutes set aside at the end of the instructional days identified as Office Hours.  During that time, students can log in with teachers for additional tutorial help.  Parents have access to teachers, as well, during Office Hours.  As always, appointments with families are scheduled upon request

This requires daily direct interaction with teachers who are actively teaching and assessing.  New content is being taught while previously learned skills are reviewed and practiced.

Teachers have maintained their normal performance/behavioral based communications. School announcements are communicated through Jupiter Ed, Husky Weekly, and our new COVID-19 website link.

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