Clubs & Athletics

We offer many different extracurricular clubs during the Fall and Spring for any of our students that would like to be involved in activities outside of the classroom.

In addition to our clubs, we are so proud of our athletic programs. Review the list of The de Paul School's athletics to see if one interests you.


talent /tal-uh nt/ noun

1. a special natural ability or aptitude; skill or gift
2. a capacity for achievement or success
3. a talented person


Student Council

Cooking Club

Cooking with Books

Builders' Club

Craft Club

Rock Climbing Club

Games for Fun People

Derby Hats

Chess Club

Kickboxing Club

Recess Club


There is no doubt that a vibrant athletics program supports and enhances academic goals. Our student-athletes are part of the Independent School League, and participate at a level of competition that promotes team-building skills while presenting opportunities for them to serve as positive representatives of our school.

Fall Sports

Cross Country
(Boys & Girls)

Winter Sports

(Boys & Girls)

Spring Sports

(Boys & Girls)

(Boys & Girls)

Soccer Clinic
(Boys & Girls)

Soccer Club
(Boys & Girls in Teams 5-8)

(Boys & Girls)