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The de Paul School

Don’t “Meltdown” This Holiday Season

From mid-November to mid-January, we enjoy a two-month stretch of holidays and celebrations. It’s a wonderful season of heart-warming gatherings, many parties, shopping and gift giving, elaborate decorations, and so much more.  Most of us find this annual period to be joyful and dazzling. We gleefully anticipate each new moment and experience. But, the truth is…

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de Party for de Paul Has Record Fundraising Success

The de Paul School family is dedicated to teaching children with learning differences how to learn, be independent and be successful. Our specially trained and exceptionally skilled teachers, coupled with research-based curriculum that is tailored to meet the specific strengths and needs of the students, provides every student and alumni an environment where they can…

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Learning Disability Warning Signs

Anxious. Frustrated. Confused. Helpless. Defeated. These are very powerful words, and each can be an indication that a child may be struggling in school. Schoolwork can be difficult at any age, but it shouldn’t be torture – for you or your child. If your child is struggling academically, it could be time to consider that…

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Celebrates New de Paul School Renovations

The de Paul School recently celebrated the official opening of the newly renovated main building area of the school. This initiative, funded by the generous support of donors from our Founder’s Campaign, capped off the final renovation stage of the 110-year old building. Each of the fifteen middle school classrooms and two main hallways were…

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