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School Admissions

Learning difficulties don't have to keep your child from becoming a successful, motivated learner!

Our students are bright and talented individuals who are challenged by a learning difference like dyslexia or ADHD. Our teachers are passionate, creative experts who help each student excel in a demanding and complicated world.  Our classrooms are specially designed to foster organization, promote attention, and bolster academic success!

If your child’s learning difference is keeping her or him from fully reaching full potentials in school, contact us today to start your child's journey to learning what classroom and personal success feel like!

  • STEP ONE:   School Tour for Parents
  • STEP TWO:   Admissions Assessment for the Child
  • STEP THREE:   Shadow Day(s) for the Child
  • STEP FOUR:   Enrollment Application Extended to the Family

The de Paul School is not an appropriate school for students who have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum (including Asperger syndrome), nor for students who would require special therapies or interventions due to behavioral difficulties, defiance, or extreme anxiety.

“As an alum—and former trustee—of The de Paul School, I’m continually amazed with the work de Paul does to prepare kids not only for the high school of their choice, but how well the students are prepared to succeed in life. These students who were once overlooked are now leaders in our community.”

- Todd Warren, Owner-MPI Printing

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