The de Paul School is accredited by the Independent School Association of Central States (ISACS), and takes various roles within the organization. Accreditation through ISACS requires rigorous and ongoing evaluation of all aspects of its member schools, including educational programs, teacher training, financial stewardship, and board of directors. This organization demands high standards and continual improvement of all its members. The de Paul School has received enthusiastic commendations from ISACS during these evaluations.

ISACS Independent Schools Association of the Center States - Accredited Member School

In addition to ISACS, The de Paul School is a member of several other independent school associations. These associations enable independent schools to collaborate on issues of school management, admissions policies, and curricular development. These include:

Several national and international organizations have taken the lead in establishing quality research, identification criteria, education, and legislation for students with learning disabilities. The de Paul School is an active participant in the following organizations:

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