The de Paul School exists because of a visionary woman, Sister Anne Rita Mauck, who in the 1960's, saw the imperative need for an educational approach that taught smart children who were falling through the cracks in traditional education settings due to learning differences. As she oversaw the development of innovative programs and curriculum, Sister insisted that de Paul's style of instruction emphasizes the dignity and potential of each child. She taught students how to learn, and she taught their parents how to teach. But as importantly, she taught all of them to be advocates for themselves and their dreams.

Sister Anne Rita Mauck with de Paul Students
Sister Anne Rita Mauck with de Paul students

“Having closely experienced the success of The de Paul School alumni throughout its forty-plus years has made me an enthusiastic supporter of de Paul’s continued dedication to its mission of providing the best education possible to its students, support for its parents, and guidance and appreciation for its staff. That is surely a winning combination! And I am proud to be among its strongest advocates.”

Sister Anne Rita Mauck

In the years since our creation, The de Paul School has planted seeds for schools across the nation, including Jacksonville, Florida, Cleveland, Ohio, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Bloomington, Indiana, among others. We helped start these programs, trained teachers and parents, and provided valuable instructional resources to them. We tested their children to assess eligibility for these programs. Since that pioneering time, we have now stepped back and watched these independent schools grow and blossom. de Paul also helped form tutorial programs in Edison, New Jersey, Tyler, Texas, and Hindman, Kentucky.

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The de Paul School has been dedicated to continuous change based on opportunity for enhancement, granting our students and families the most quality educational experience we can offer. Being an independent school, we are nimble enough to pursue those opportunities. One of our most recent examples of this is the fruition of our Humanities & the Arts program. This program, thoughtfully designed in recent years, continues to evolve as it has become an essential piece in our student-centered curriculum.

Keeping the students and their needs at the center of our focus, we understand that parents need services and communication as well. We recently developed our Community-Wide Series, which offers parents and guardians in the Louisville and Southern Indiana community educational events and screening opportunities for students at risk for learning differences.

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